Mombasa is Kenya’s another coastal travel destination after the exotic Nairobi!

Mombasa and Malindi comprise most of what we call a historical check to a state’s dynasty. This city of Kenya has got reservoirs of legacy and historical interpretation combined. Being appreciated for making up East Africa’s biggest port, Mombasa is a town not much tarnished as patterns of late centuries are still evident. This port or say the central coast of Kenyan regime is marvelously friendly for tourism; the splendid sight seeing ventures make this city all too more exciting and promising for a stay worth counting on. Mombasa has been given wide acclaimed privilege due to its immediate location beside the Indian Ocean; this coastal destination has been awarded with countless prizes of Exotic beaches, fun tourism sites, top quality hotels and a serene city life to enjoy the perks. Not that the story ends here with the water embellishments, the city has been a major ground for many diversified cultures. The core settlers coming from various backgrounds gave it a look all so packed with genuine zeal. Those who had earlier foundations in the land were the Arabs, British and Portuguese- these three lineages made quite an impact on the city’s construction, cuisines, lifestyles and historical chapters .The city happens to be on the verge of complete excitement as one vacation plan can satiate the needs of every member of the family. From children water sports to big time family unions, individual relaxation time to a well-groomed honey moon period, Mombasa will keep this assured that no one goes out of the Kenyan boundary without having to praise it in larger volumes.

There are numerous lodges and stay points with elegant decorations and furnishings along side the sandy beaches to best suit the incomers’ accommodation problems. Mombasa is also an amicable host to many airlines that keep landing on its international class airport. Cheapflighthouse can be contacted for any such travel or vacation plan to Kenya as cheap one-way or round trip flights are available to lessen any hitches coming your way.

Game parks and superb Safaris:

Mombasa serves to be a major starting point for the enchanting safaris that many have come to attain in this part of the world, the other being the capital Nairobi. From this point on, the sea enthusiasts can say farewell to the blooming water of the Indian Ocean and set out for a superb safari time with a lifetime experience of its own. The service is available from the sandy beaches of Mombasa. The planners of the city have made it of vital importance that none of Kenya’s scattered pearls are left unnoticed. Beach camping is also one of the major attractions of the frivolous city of Mombasa.

Haller Park- the biggest wildlife sanctuary of Kenya:

As to get a complete outline of what nature has blessed this exotic land of Africa with, there is a sanctuary with the name of Haller Park. In this park, a lot from the wildlife can be seen. From the creepy reptiles to magnificently colored birds, the park has kept a record of all. This is one of the major attractions of Mombasa, as the city would keep it over delighted notes of the nature heavens it has been adorned with.

Gedi Ruins:

These ruins have been given the stature of the National museum of Kenya, a complete rock and stone façade to a world leading backs to 15th century. This was once a small town that is now left completely uninhabited. An experienced guide can be taken along to know about the whereabouts of this place so mysterious. These ruins are lying towards the North coast of Mombasa near Malindi.

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