Agadez – Niger’s city jewel amidst Sahara desert

Niger is a small country in the continent of Africa, a little less explored. However, much like bigger and beautiful destinations where everybody seeks for a diverse culture, land filled with mountains, valleys, plateaus and rivers, Niger has worked hard to earn its mark on the tourism industry and is now being visited on a decent ratio as the country is rich and packed with all such natural delights. The very famous of all assets is the glorious Sahara desert; dunes of sands have made it a totally ravishing experience. Those who visit Niger must visit this vast spread desert, the typical Bedouin culture, the vagabonds migrating from oasis to oasis, the caravans, camel trekking, jeep tours make up an easy week journey and no less and that too with the best of local experience at your end. The moonlight gleaming over the silver sand particles in cooler nights is a lifetime gesture to be owned. The postcard landscapes of this beautiful yet magically mysterious desert are right in front of your eyes and you can have a raw experience whatsoever!

The other feature of Niger is the Niger River, the wildlife parks and venues around this body of water are all exciting and worthy of having a visit. So don’t be home and hit it to this raw land of Africa with many cities and landscape features to explore. Agadez is one such city, the largest in the northern Niger and the capital of the Agadez region northeast to the country’s capital of Niamey. It is old and mainly a land of Tuareg people. Trans-Saharan trade flourished as the city lies in the lap of this big desert. The city has got history, the typical desert construction, tribes and locals in their traditional outfits and customs so unique to fully captivate you. As for the colonial times, the city was ruled by the French, rebelled and stood for independence. Like many African countries, the marks of the colonized rule are evident on the city landmarks.

Agadez has seen a bit of a violent streak in 2007, slowly recovered and is trying to be back to its normal terms. The famous Tuareg guitar music is enchanting, the food is delicious. Agadez is famous for the market (also known as the market town), the camel sale and silverware, so a lot is actually on the street apart from the sophisticated tourism ventures, you really will have to be out and about to get it fully marked on your memories. The few of the landmarks include the grand mosque, the sultan palace, and the Kaocen hotel. It is a pretty decent city to stay for a while; weather can be harsh as you are in the Sahara after all. Nights are cool and beautiful. As the rebellion in Libya has come to its end, the tuaregs supporting Gaddafi are back to the town, a little unsafe for the travel though, the city will eventually keep hold of its dynasty. The place has uranium deposits, leatherwork is also splendid. Cheap flights to Niger are available, mined for coal and tin, known for the nomad culture, the city is rich in a lot of perspectives and deserve a visit on your trip to Niger.

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