Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, an all-time favourite undoubtedly Heart of Asia!

Kuala Lumpur is the biggest and the most famous city of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is particularly known for its hotels and shopping malls. The Kuala Lumpur city development has a great emphasis on promoting tourism in the city, as tourism is one of the main components of the growing economy of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur city administration has made the city a centre of attraction from all the people all around the world. The city administration is keenly working on numerous projects to develop better infrastructure, facilities and tourist attraction spots to make the city a top destination for visitors. Kuala Lumpur has got a very diverse list of tourist attractions. The airport, amusement parks and some of the top hotels in the world, the city has got it all what the tourists demand for a luxurious stay. Hundreds of families from all around the world visit Kuala Lumpur during the holiday season to enjoy the city. The tourism department of the city is very warm welcoming for anyone who is interested in paying a visit to the city. You can contact the department from anywhere in the world, and they will guide you with every possible information that you need to know. You can also find details about the cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur and other affordable hotel packages in Kuala Lumpur to meet your needs.
Many visitors come to Kuala Lumpur and quickly run out of ideas of what to do. Expats who temporarily work or permanently live in KL don’t give a lot of praise except to the social scene and food.
The reality is that Kuala Lumpur is a large city with overwhelming diversity. The main problem is spending minimal funds to travel around the big city. Besides walking, the Hop-on and Hop-off bus is the most cost-efficient and encompassing means of seeing the highlights of KL. These include the Petronas Towers, the KL Tower, Chinatown near the Sri Mahamariamman Temple and the KL Bird Aviary. The wait between buses can be longer than the 20-30 minutes depending on traffic, so it’s wise to combine the bus with walking or the metro if you want to see more sites. It’s best to ride before 4pm. Most locals are fluent in English as well as Bahasa Malaysia and maybe even a third or fourth language.For nightlife, the Skybar offers more expensive drinks in exchange for indoor pools and spectacular views of the Petronas Towers in the evening. For those who want to try the local mamaks, they can find the mid-low prices available on Jalan Alor near Changkat. The dining experience in Kuala Lumpur provides an eclectic selection from all around the globe–it’s rare to find such an authentic culinary experience in one city. Whether it’s curry, hummus, pasta, sashimi, or local nasi goreng, try various restaurants and food stalls for a rich foodie experience. For those less interested in food or popular landmarks, buses and trains are cost-effective means of reaching neighbouring cities and, further away, the jungles, beaches, and highlands for nature lovers .Kuala Lumpur is not only a famous tourist attraction, it also happens to be the business central for many organizations and companies all around the world. Therefore, hundreds of business owners and employees gather in Kuala Lumpur every year for their business meetings and ventures. The hotels are fully aware of the needs on the people travelling on business purposes. They try to keep up the competition and provide world class services to all the people staying at their hotels. Apart from all the businesspersons travelling to Kuala Lumpur on business purposes, Kuala Lumpur also hosts 15 million visitors every year who come here to enjoy holidays and vacations. The hotels in Kuala Lumpur are fully equipped with all the entertaining facilities for such visitors. From traditional and international food to swimming pools and amusement parks, the hotels have got it all in Malaysia. The women can enjoy a relaxing time in spas and spend their time shopping in one of the biggest malls in the world in this city. All the top designers’ boutiques and outlet of the world’s top brands are present here in Twin Towers. In fact, shopping is one of the main attractions for the visitors in Kuala Lumpur. Visiting these beaches gives a great chance to the visitors to interact with people from all around the world and also enjoy the hot days of summer next to the water. Considering the weather of the city, you must see if your hotel has a swimming pool before you book your rooms.

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